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All your data stored in the vault are encrypted/decrypted directly by your own device such as pc, tablet or phone. No clear texts are kept or transmitted over the Internet

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Your Internet browser is all you need. Just access the vault from your own personal computer or from a friend's mobile phone. Your data are finally available on your needs

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Encrypted data are stored in dedicated server farms. Hence equally accessible from your home or when you're just in front of an ATM. Data are backed up, protecting from the accidental loss

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Highest encryption grade Your Bank will envy you!

Foolbits protects your data using the state of the art in the encryption software: the symmetric AES (256 bits) and the asymmetric RSA (2136 bits). Still in doubt or willing to contribute? Check out yourself our code repo on GitHub or join our discussion group


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Foolbits allows you to write a single text page. No unnecessary complications or things to learn, just you and the vault page: type in or "copy and paste" the text and Foolbits will protect it. It has never been easier

No more excuses Mothball your old text files

Probably you never took too seriously the idea to adopt a real solution to protect your codes for your online banking, ATM PINs, Credit Card control codes or whatever. But what happens if your PC is stolen or your mobile phone is lost? Is it safe to write your secret codes somewhere in your harddisk or as a note in your phone? We don't think so... Now you have Foolbits, the final solution to your secret codes protection

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And last but not least... As it is, it's free. Forever.

Your vault and basic core features will always be free. No subscription fees, no dues. This is our promise. This is your win.